Kristy is a multi-talented photographer with years of experience ranging from portraits, photojournalism, fashion shoots, corporate events, to babies, and weddings. With over 15 years of experience, Kristy has learned that the people themselves are always the most important part of any shot. This is what sets Kristy’s work apart from the rest. Her warmth, relaxed style, and artistic edge let’s the identity and truth of the subject shine through in a unique and dynamic way.

When an individual is comfortable and almost forgets that there is a camera in front of them, the image becomes beautiful, pure and truly captured the moment. A good picture should capture a piece of truth about a person’s identity and emotions at that moment. At KristyAlexisPhotography the person and their story, is what the image provides.

Kristy herself, fosters a warm, comforting environment so that you are smiling at a “friend” and forget a camera is even present. Kristy’s laidback approach, and positive attitude, helps you to open up, relax and feel comfortable. What you are left with is beautiful images that show an unadulterated version of the people and the moment.

With Kristy’s unique background in fashion and media, she has an eye for making your photos and memories stand out in a bold, dynamic and unique way.